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How do we know we're on the right track? Are we going in the right direction if everything goes well? And what, if all goes wrong, as one problem accumulates on top of the other?


Well, it depends on the underlying cause.



 My idea of starting a spiritual and healing center in Brussels came straight from my soul. When we receive such an impulse, it immediately feels good, and we say: "Yes, that's it, that's what I have to do" and at such a moment there is no doubt whatsoever. Of course, we have to move immediately, taking the first step spontaneously, otherwise the ego will come up straight away, with a whole arsenal of objections.



Impulse of the soul or the ego?


Often in such circumstances we have not used our gifts in another incarnation, or perhaps not for the good of the whole, but in a selfish way. In such a case, this time we are put to the test whether our intention is pure, and we have to remove many obstacles before we get to where we want to be.



If someone launches himself as a therapist or  healer because the profession is 'well in the market' then this person will not experience any support from the Spiritual World. This absolutely necessary help and support is only given to the soul and never to the ego.



The same goes for abundance. If, in one life, we have lived in opulence and have not amassed our wealth fairly, or have dealt with it in a purely selfish way, we will most likely choose to experience poverty, to start with, in another incarnation.



Poverty I have also known in this life, I remember that in the mid-1970s I could live for free on a farm that was nominated to be demolished. One day I still had about one dollar in my purse and 2 pounds of buckwheat flour. I came round with this for a whole month because I was looking for wild, edible plants in nature.


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Photo: Micheile-Henderson


That was buckwheat porridge in the morning, buckwheat pancakes with dandelions and leaves in the afternoon and buckwheat soup with daisies in the evening. And still, I didn't feel like I was missing anything then either. On the contrary, I felt free as a little bird and enjoyed the sun, nature and what I did have.





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Even today, there's not much to get from me yet. The reason I know all too well: in another life I was a well-known oncologist. Someone who only worked for fame and money and who considered his patients more like guinea pigs than people who needed help.






The first time I felt this connection was when someone told me I was only working for money. This was in the early days of my center in Brussels, which at that time was in a 'sous-sol', a basement in 'Saint Josse',  and where I only did my healing work against a gift. This yielded so little, in fact, that every morning in the early hours, I made a tour in the streets where the bulky rubbish was collected. I went to look for things that I could still sell at the flea market. So that the accusation was so absurd that I didn't understand anything about it and started meditating. And, it became clear to me that this person had known me in a previous life where that indeed was the case.


If someone wondered how I look at that other incarnation right now, I can only answer: "I have learned not to condemn myself either and I can, because I am well aware that a soul, who has chosen to experience duality, wants to dive into light and darkness, simply to get to know all the experiences available there.


Because of this insight, I was able to forgive the other person and me. From that moment on, I no longer saw it as my, but as his problem. Afterwards I didn't hear anything more about that accusation, it had apparently done the required job to get into contact with that past life experience and to forgive the other and me.



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Even though I'm not rich, if I need something, I get it. I know how to materialize everything I really need and I have had quite some experiences on that level.  So it went with my center: from the basement in 'Saint Josse' to the next  place: a large villa in 'Uccle'.


Like me, every human being on earth who has chosen the path of duality has started at the bottom of the spiritual ladder. And we haven't been able to skip a single step. Therefore, we can safely assume that we have all killed in the past, but were also murdered in the same or in another incarnation. This through the laws of karma, becoming through these experpiences a slightly better human being in every next life. By this insight we accept everything that happens around us, also because we realize that the perpetrators of yesterday chose today to play the role of victim. We then let those who still need it step up their own drama, while we concentrate completely on the Light.


Precisely for this reason, everything that takes place in the outside world is a mirror in which we can recognize ourselves albeit in an experience. What then is to be judged? Of course, we dream of a society based on unconditional Love and this society is just around the corner.


When I look at the period in which I was still in a deep sleep in this life, I have to say that whatever I tried, nothing led to success. One project after another failed, simply because I let myself be guided by my ego, by my mind instead of by my soul.


But I don't see this as something that shouldn't have been. Suppose I had actually flourished a company that I had set up, I would most likely not have written this article and not done the healing work that I have been doing for forty years now.


So there is a right moment for everything. So it's not about prosperity or setbacks, but are we on the right track? Strictly speaking, of course, we are always on the right track, we are always in the right place. Also, a detour from the ego is sometimes necessary as an experience. When we have suffered enough, we follow the path of our soul again and ask her: "What is my next step?