operatie 01b

Since many years I support people during their operation: I fill the operating room with the Divine white light and surround every one present with this energy. So far every operation has gone very well.


Since I have been receiving the support of a whole group of angels at a distance in my work for some time now, I can also appeal to these angels for support when people need to be operated on, or during difficult conversations. I asked the Lightbeings how they see that, here concerning operations:


"It means a lot to us that you have thought about this, because we see that when people are in an exceptional position it is very important for them to receive support, and surgery is such a special situation. When you work that way it means that you put man in God's hand, in God's protection so that God can work here. This also means accepting God's will and the angels do nothing but carry out God's will.


This makes the energy much stronger. They work with this energy for the healing of the person if that is the intention. But they also take away energy when it is God's will that man leaves his body. It is not man who decides about life and death. The angels only carry out God's will."


Elias: "I always fill the room with Light and envelop every member of the medical staff with it."


"During such processes the surgeon and his staff experience a lot of certainty. They can then always reach their highest potential, they go all the way into their power and in this way they can also give what is needed in the situation.


In this way the Divine Will can also be carried out one hundred percent, which cannot always be the case in situations where there is a lack of Light and Energy. The stronger a person is in the Light, the better he can continue his way.


Elias: "When the time has come for man to leave, will that Light enlighten and facilitate his new path?


"That is an absolute fact. We see that with this support the souls no longer end up hard, but are guided very finely and accepted into the Light. In any case, their path is much and much softer.


Since I regularly received requests for support during difficult conversations or negotiations, I asked the angels if they would also cooperate. They agreed and the course can be compared to what happens during an operation. The space where the conversations take place is filled with Light and the participants are kept in the Light. This form of healing has also been successful so far. For the evolution of mankind it is very important in this phase of the ascension process that conflicts are solved peacefully and any success at this level slightly increases the vibration of all participants and of the planet.


Contribution support to operations or at difficult talks and negotiations : 50€