Jesus's message to healers and therapists

who want to work successfully in the New Age.


Jesus: "Everything is going very fast now. You notice how everything is changing, stay with yourself. Everything is as it should be in every moment. Accept life on all levels and let go of your 'will' more and more. Trust your inner guidance, trust your feelings. Don't let your ego, but let your heart lead you. This allows you to reach the greatest depths. Be thankful and go for the Creator on your knees and acknowledge that the fact the spiritual world is working through you is a great gift, because it means you can work through 'God's being.'


In order for the Spiritual World to use you as a channel it is necessary that you become very quiet and let go of everything. Relax and you will notice that then support  begins to work. By letting go of everything, you can be used optimally as a channel. This is only possible if you work without intention. The more you let go of the will to achieve a result, the better and deeper we can work through you. It is also important not to identify with your healing work, understand that healing is God's work and not yours.


Whoever comes to you and whatever happens, let go of the desire for results. If there is a result then it is good. If there is no result, then it is also good. God decides and He knows. Sometimes someone has to get his head right against the wall before he is willing to go into a change. There are people who can't achieve this in one lifetime. There are people who have to suffer before they are willing to move on. This means that healing is not always possible. Healing of the soul always takes place, but not necessarily now. Therefore, open your heart and feel how you deal with it. What do you feel if healing doesn't take place, if you can't help? Are you sad, do you feel pity? Whatever you feel, turn to your own core and understand that a mirror is being held up to you. It is a mirror that touches on your own skill, but also on your own themes.


As a healer, you are not responsible for what happens. God works through your channel and is one hundred percent aware of this. You will meet people who are on the verge of death again and again, and some have even taken a step into the beyond. Your task is to keep adjusting to God, whatever He may give you, let go of everything. Even as people move further toward death, understand that your healing is still a support for that person's soul. The soul is then better able to let go and become free more quickly. And that means great grace


Imagine that someone comes with great heart pain. It is not your task to take away that pain but to push this person well in his pain and show him how he can accept his pain and how he can deal with it further. Letting go and thus definitely solving the pain is only possible through acceptance. If one would take away the pain, one would also deprive this person of the possibility to gain deep insight. So pain as an experience is important and necessary and ultimately leads to healing.

Wherever man stands, open your heart and accept everything that happens, let everything flow through your heart and don't stay anywhere. Understand that as a healer in such processes your client will also be held up in front of a mirror. It also brings processes within yourself.


You look at the mirror after you have finished the treatment, because during the healing session it is not right to involve your own feelings. People will come to you again and again who are involved in strong inner processes and for the healer this also means the possibility to come to deep and important insights.


To give an example: Imagine a human being goes through a fierce inner process and suffers very strongly. Then open your heart and feel what happens when you open yourself for the other person. A healer heals through the purity of his own soul. And in order for the soul to heal properly, one's own system must be open. This means that by opening one's own heart, by feeling one's own 'Being', the healer himself enters into processes that can lead to a slight form of uncertainty or to a certain pressure. This sometimes happens, so not always. Therefore, during the healing process those feelings are put aside for a moment to dive in after the session.


The healing you give becomes stronger as your own cells are purer. Besides guiding people in their inner processes, the healing methods of the New Age include working with the cells, but in a truly responsible way. It includes various aspects, working with Light around the cell nucleus and then a glance into the cell nucleus. You then see the DNA, you see the Divine Information that is present in it. By looking at that Divine Information, a connection is made with the Source. You ask God to work through you and you imagine that God takes a look at the DNA through you. You then know that the Source is able to 'focus' the DNA again. Everything that makes you sick and causes pain, all the old systems, including those related to the family, are touched and healed by God. That healing follows through different scenarios: As said before, light is first used around the nucleus of the cell. Then it goes further into the cell nucleus. There, certain points on the DNA become visible that have been touched out of their 'direction.' By divine intervention through the pure channel of the healer of the New Age, the out of orbit particles regain their original direction and are reabsorbed by the structure. This means healing at the deepest level. Of course the healer first applies and practices all of this on his own in order to actually see into the cell structures and to let the Divine Light and its Energy flow through his own pure channel.


The healers of the New Age are led into an ever deeper certainty. And the people who go to such a healer are actually prepared to step into a higher cellular level. Imagine a cell and you will see that there is a lot of information stored there, but also some uncertainties. That means that a cell also absorbs and stores dark material. When working with the Divine Light in the cell, the cell finds support and the darkness is removed from it. For us this extremely important, because we see that people having a great potential that cannot be lived because the cells have been brought into great confusion by their dark contents. Thus the true values cannot emerge to be converted.


 When the cell finds certainty again, man automatically feels more certainty. He becomes more conscious, more vigilant, livelier and brighter and is able to recognize his own path in life. Intuition and 'mediality' (paranormal aptitude) are often blocked because the cell is blocked.


The cells continue to give their energy to the adjacent cells. If we remove the dark aspects and bring the Divine Light back into the cells, the human being moves to a higher level. If we look inside the cell nucleus, we see that the DNA often shows errors, shortcomings and holes. Necessary connections are lacking, as a result of which the normal strong force is lacking.


The answer of the healer of the New Age is to strengthen and stabilize the DNA by means of prayer and Lightwork, so that man finds his potential again. Here it is important to say that no changes are made to the DNA. The human structure is not affected or altered. This is only about repairing the DNA. It is about restoring man's strength, the strength that is predestined for him. The values of the DNA are not changed. The values of the soul are restored because every soul comes up with a precise plan. Much of this can already be seen in the DNA. The 'mistakes' that are part of this, that are 'built in' here, are the development processes, its possibilities for further growth and maturity. It is allowed to work on these points, but there should be no 'diversion' around them because this point is indispensable for the development of that human being. Therefore, this type of work may only be carried out with the greatest respect and deepest care."


Elias: "Jesus says about this, that it is not only about the physical body, but that it is a complete change of man. The healers themselves have to go through deep processes to be able to let go of their ego completely in order to serve in humbleness as a channel for God. Then the programming of the cells can also be changed by contacting the essence of the cell. Healers who choose this path feel that God is playing a deeper and deeper part in their work, they feel behaving and strengthened. In this way, everything happens from a deep tranquility. No attempt will ever be made to force anything. Things are perceived as they are and the treatment takes place through a deep inner force. Everything happens from the own heart and with the greatest respect for the one who receives the healing. The soul of the healer wishes to work ever deeper and every soul that is willing to develop itself is supported by the Spiritual World. This is so for someone who receives healing but also for the one who gives healing.

Jesus asked me to offer what I have already received and applied to myself and during my individual sessions, also in the form of training for other therapists and healers. This training takes place through seminars and webinars, but also with additional individual sessions because each healer is unique, has his own themes to deal with and has unique abilities to serve others."