Since 2005 I have been guided by Jesus and other Light Beings, both for my own inner processes as well as for my further development as a healer and spiritual teacher. Being medium for the Christ Healing and Transformation Light means that Jesus is anchored in my heart and thus uses my channel for his healing work. To make this possible he has guided and trained me for many years. By working on myself under his guidance I was able to clear more and more blockages in my own energy system. Moreover, for many years I worked daily with the flame of Christ, which I received in my heart around 2006.



Aura and Chakrareading


Remote aura and chakra reading using a photo is usually the first step. During that reading I look into the energy field as a whole and into the individual chakras. This shows me, which blockages are present, which problems have been brought along from other lives, how things stand with repressed emotions, the male and female side, the inner child and the connection with Mother Earth and the Divine. This gives me a clear picture of which approach and form of healing, promises to be most effective. It can be a personal session or regression that takes place on the spot (usually in Zutphen-Netherlands) or in other places abroad and is usually offered before and after a seminar. Sometimes a remote healing of one or more months may also be necessary. The contribution for a reading is 50€.



Individual session:


Through my channel, the healing and transformational light of Christ flows and it is his energy that works through my hands. And when I introduce his Light in someone's energy field, he moves my hands. During an individual session on the spot, which can last for two hours, a meditation follows after an introductory conversation, that makes the necessary connections and brings my client close to his soul to be able to communicate with her and to rise into the Field of Unity or Matrix Field. This is followed by an aura and chakra cleansing and healing. An individual session can also take place via Skype. In that case the session happens in two parts on different days. During the first session of an hour we work together on solving the unfinished inner processes or themes, as Jesus calls them. During the second part, the cleansing and healing of the energy system take place. The contribution for the two sessions is 150€.



Treatment program for serious or chronic diseases


 In such a case, after the aura and chakra reading and two healing sessions of an hour, the almost daily healing of a quarter of an hour at a distance follows, based on a photo, for three months. The contribution for this healing program is 390€.




From Jesus I also received his own healing methods. He explains how we can work with our cells and thereby heal and rejuvenate our body, and at his request I also give seminars on cellular work for healing and rejuvenation, in a way that everyone can learn these methods for applying to themselves.



The essence of my work is to help open the heart and guide my clients until they are able to contact their own soul in the depths of their 'Being.'





In addition to the work at the soul and cellular level, I also can guide my clients to one or more previous lives, if necessary, in order to better understand and solve current problems.





Two day Cel Work Seminars


Jesus decides on the composition of the program of the seminars and is also present to work closely with each participant. He says about this:


"During a seminar many different energies work and many new insights are created. I am always willing to work together with the participants during the seminar".


For example, when Jesus touches the heart of a person, he uses my hand to pass on his Light and Energy. Furthermore, Mother Mary is now always present too. During an individual session Jesus stands next to me and works through me, but I also work through him, he told me a while ago.



Here's more about my cell work seminars.



One-day ascension seminars

With exercises and meditations from Jesus, Adama and other higher Light Beings. It is about working on what is needed to ascend to the fifth Dimension of Consciousness and a deeper understanding of the nature of reality. Also here, of course, the Lightbeings in question are present.



The basis of my work is unconditional Love. I love people because I prefer to see them in their divinity.


The physical problems of a human being are projections, are the elaboration of the inner processes on a physical level. Diseases can only be cured by closing off the related inner processes.


It is my task to guide people lovingly in their processes. In this way the roots of the diseases are healed, so that afterwards their effect on the physical level can disappear. It is not the intention to change others in their thinking and acting, but to offer a refined guidance to a person who wants to change step by step. It is not I who change, but I support the changes a person wishes to make from within in order to get moving.


For me, it is s great grace to be allowed allowed to work with the Christ Healing and Transformation Light. I feel clearly supported and guided by God, Jesus and the Spiritual World. In this way I work with the Christ Light at the cellular level and if necessary also in the cell nucleus with the DNA and in the depths of the soul of a human being.


My personal coaching and healing is based on four pillars:


My clairvoyance: I see the blockages in the energy field and in man's chakras, including the unfinished problems that have been brought from other lives in this incarnation.


My gift as a healer: I discovered this gift in the early eighties and am still developing it. For some years now I have functioned as a channel for the Christ Healing and Transformation Light, but I also work together with other Light Beings for more specific tasks, such as with the Archangels Zadkiel and Raphael, with Saint Germain, the Ladies Portia and Amethyst and with Shiva. The Light of Christ means Love. That is why I mainly work with this Light in the cells of the heart and on the level of the soul, but also in other cells when Love is lacking there. From the heart this energy then goes into the whole 'being.' In this way the heart is the origin, the center and healing takes place from the heart. Furthermore I work with the Divine Light that flows through my crown chakra to those places where it is needed. This Light is considered by the Spiritual World to be the light of origin. It has a very pure quality and is more neutral than the light of Christ. As said, the Christlight means Love. The brilliant, radiant white Divine Light, on the other hand, signifies unity, truth, and certainty.


My regression therapy does not take place with hypnosis but, among other things, by stimulating the third eye. This allows me to guide people back to previous incarnations or to make a journey to the planet where they originally came from. Regression to previous lives can be very helpful in solving old repressed emotions by reliving the situations in question.


My experience: I have been working as a healer and teacher since 1980, alternately practicing in Brussels, Paris, Nice, London and Geneva, but also giving seminars and/or healing sessions in Poland (Cracow), Germany (Munich and near Berlin), in Austria (Graz), Italy, Spain (Barcelona), Thailand (Chiang May), Sri Lanka, Hawaii (Big Island), Africa (Senegal and Egypt), in Israel (Jerusalem) and in Palestine (Ramallah).


Support during an operation or during difficult conversations and negotiations

If I find out on what day and approximately what hour an operation or conference takes place, I can support the event remotely. In such a case I fill the operating room with the Divine White Light but also surround the entire medical staff on the spot with Light. So far all operations have gone very well. Furthermore a whole group of angels help to create a loving energy in the place where the work is done.Contribution: 50€. Here more information about this form of support



A treatment can take place subject to agreement with my privacy policy.

I also need your home address, e-mail address, telephone number

and a photo for the patient file (also required by law).


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