What’s stopping you from starting

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The 1st (free) Step:


The Field of Oneness Meditation

3 videos and a bonus


Any meditation reduces stress and fortifies your immune system.


This meditation in three parts does more,

creating a solid foundation for your rejuvenation.


This meditation has been built up over the years, regularly complemented by the Spiritual World and Jesus. Thus, it is up to date and focused on achieving a fusion between the daily consciousness and the soul consciousness, so that we are always aware of the next step to be taken.


By working with this meditation we get closer and closer to our soul, which knows our life plan and can anchor more and more of our consciousness in the Field of Unity. Moreover, it helps us to endure the enormous changes that are now taking place on planet earth with a firm confidence. Jesus said, "You must now stand like a rock in the surf, no matter what happens around you.



The 2nd Step:

Clean your Aura & Chakras

and get into a deeper State of Meditation.

This step consists of working with two Healing-Sound Recordings.


Healing Hands - 2


These recordings came about through my collaboration with an American concert pianist. Together we gave "Healing Concerts", where I worked in the aura and chakras of those present in the hall. This, to restore harmony in their energy fields and chakras. The pianist saw the colors of the energies flowing from my hands and "translated" them into the corresponding sounds. The first concert took place in London during the "Alternative Medicine Exhibition".


For centuries, sounds have been used for healing, just think of singing bowls. A lot of classical music helps to relax and to feel better because the sounds increase our vibration. This is also the case in this healing and meditation music, there are a total of nine recordings that originate from this collaboration and that address each time a different level of the human being. Here we are going to work with two recordings. One to cleanse our energy field and home of negative energies and the other to help us to quickly enter into a deep meditative state.



My finding of the first: healing ...

Contact with the heart, energy circulating around the head and later throat, contact with the source .....then connection lower chakra from heart, to stomach, going deep into the earth ....wider energy circles around the heart, from heart contact with source and spiraling back .........then vibrating energy from earth to source and back, relaxation of the jaws and pelvis ................. and then the fragment was finished. 


The first chakra healing cd ( number 8) first brings balance in the aura before going to the chakras.
The 2nd CD ( number 9 ) flows through each chakra, starting at the coccyx chakra, up to and including the crown and back ( it feels like touching each chakra) ...then again each chakra up to the chakras above the crown and back to the chakras below the coccyx chakra.
When I listened to the 2nd cd again immediately after, the connection was straight away with the crown and above it until I felt the connection with the source. ( with the connection in my heart)

The music, the frequencies are doing their job, that's obvious.

Kind regards,




The 3rd Step:

Your Aura & Chakra Reading

Showing what’s blocking

to having your cells perfectly working for you.


What we want to achieve with the first five steps is to remove as many blockages as possible, so that working with your own cells can have the greatest possible effect.


During the reading I first look at what is blocking the most in your energy field. That is the problem that screams the loudest to be solved, as it were. Then I look into the chakra of the right knee, through which I not only look at the blockages in your masculine side, but also see with which blockages from previous incarnations, you have stepped into this life.


Then I focus on the chakra in the right foot and see to what extent you are able to put your projects and ideas into practice.


After this we continue with the chakra in your left knee. Here I get a view on your feminine side and see to what extent you express or suppress your creative side. Usually I also see if you, as a woman, have had violent experiences in other lifetimes, you still suffer from it, blocking you to freely express your feminity. Furthermore we look at your connection with your soul. I'll also show you how to increase your spontaneity and  teach you how you can express your femininity in a better way, if there is a need to if you are living in a female body this time.


The chakra in your left foot shows to what extent you express your feminine side.

Then we go to the basic chakra. Here I see if you show yourself to the outside world, as you really are, but also if the masculine and feminine sides are in balance.


The Sacred Center or Second Chakra

Surely the sexual power is also visible. However, the most important thing in this chakra is not the sexuality that we see there, but it shows to which extent you experience an absolutely livable, creative, joy of life and freedom. And these values are very important. Also, a very fine spiritual force works in the sacral center. We call it the trembling of the earth, that is the vibration of the earth. And that means that this connection to earth, this connection to the power of the earth, takes place in the sacral center and has something very fine. It's not the same force that takes place in the root center, but, it's a force that really connects people in the deep with his human being and at the same time, with his very strong earthly being. I will help you to feel in yourself this power of the earth, simultaneously in connection with your own being.


The Solar Plexus 

This energy center means depth.  Anabsolute strong, deep feeling with the origin of life, with the origin of all life. This means that when you activate this chakra, you recognize that you have many dimensions and many incarnations that show you that you are an eternal being. Through this chakra I also perceive your repressed emotions that block the proper working of this center.


The Heart Chakra

The blockages in the heart chakra are often the wounds we suffered when we were belittled and rejected. As a result, we have often gone into a protective position and are hardly able to love ourselves or others unconditionally.


The Throat Chakra

Here we simply see individuality, our own being.  Not that which may be handed down to us on a manipulating way. But rather, again and again only our own power, our own connection to our own self. And here we see, I am. That is my power, it is my quality. And it's not about satisfying anybody's will, but rather, here I really feel my own: this is me. This is the image of a good working throat chakra. The question is: what is your throat chakra looking like?


The Third Eye Chakra

We see this 'I am' here again, but with a different background. We see that the Divine is very strong and provides information and feeds the human being in his being. Here you can call up the values of your own soul. Where does the soul want to go, what does it seek, what does it need in this life, what experiences does it want to make? Here the soul stands there and speaks with God.


The Crown Chakra

This center is also about the highest connections to the Divine Being, but still a bit different than the third eye. That one provides more personal values, what the soul itself is looking for, what the soul itself agrees with God. And if we go to the crown chakra, then I am concerned with this global, with the whole earth, with other people, with other beings, with the understanding of this very strong, human being. So, a good working of this chakra is essential to be able to be present in the Field of Oneness. Allow me to show you if it is working well.




Dear Elias,


I'm very happy with the session I got from you. The reading made a lot clear to me about what I was constantly running into, which has given me a better picture of myself and my life. Because of the healing it seems as if my body has grown bigger, I can't put it any other way. I feel wider, wider and begin to experience my body. The journey I made during the session has given me recognition, peace and strength.



Dear Elias


I still have questions, and I hope you can answer them for me.


The traumas you're talking about regarding past lives, do they have a traumatic effect in this life, causing energetic blockages?


And how can I feel those past lives "myself"?


Many things are recognizable to me, you've put it very well.


Kind regards,






The 4th Step:

Removing your Blocks

This is done in a one-hour Skype session.


During this session I will teach you the methods Jesus gave me to complete your inner processes. This is about your repressed emotions, which you carry on your shoulder as a heavy burden since many incarnations. Now it is time, in this phase of the ascension process, to let go of all that ballast, because we don't need it anymore. It has served its purpose.




Now that I am back home, unprocessed emotions and situations from my life emerge and I can deal with them differently, confident that I can clean them up now! I feel grateful. Lots of love. PS: the CDs are great

~ ~ ~

The last three days I stand up, without fear and sweat attacks or breathing disorder. On the contrary, I breathe deeply and feel with Light and Love from God, who permeates everything and is eternally connected and absorbed in His tender arms.




The 5th step:

Deep Cleansing and Healing of your energy system

This step is a one-hour Skype session.





During this cleansing and healing session we work together to make the energy system work optimally again. Besides Jesus, several Lightbeings support this process: for the cleansing with the Violet Light: Archangel Zadkiel, the ascended masters Saint Germain, Lady Portia and Lady Amethyst. For this part I will take you, on the inner planes, to two temples in Telos. After this process the healing will take place with the support of Archangel Raphael, while Chiva restructures your whole energy system.




Hi, Elias,

About four, five years ago I came into contact with you through a website. I had had a Kundalini experience and the following third (!) psychosis. Then one or two healing sessions with you. In these sessions Jesus said that I was supposed to get rid of the medication. Well, now, that's done! I have been healed and am enjoying life to the fullest again! I worked hard on it, but without your help and the help of Jesus, I wouldn't have been able to do this! I'm still grateful for that every day.

~ ~ ~





The 6th Step:

The 6th step is the Cell Work Course

in the form of a weekly series of webinars.


20 weeks one hour to learn to work with your own cells

to allow slowing down and stopping the aging process.



Hi, Elias,

In any case, I'm very grateful to you, Elias! I love your energy and your way of getting things across... Soft but also clear! The seminar was perfect for me, the way it was put together, the content, the environment, the people... the presence of Jesus and Mary! Thanks for everything... Lots of love