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This series of nine recordings came about through my collaboration with an American concert pianist. Together we gave "Healing Concerts" where I worked in the aura and chakras of those present.The pianist saw the colors of the healinjg energies flowing from my hands and "translated" them into the corresponding tones. The first concert took place in London during the "Alternative Medicine Exhibition."



Afterwards we met regularly somewhere else in the world to continue the collaboration in this form. In this way, nine recordings were made, all aimed at healing and harmonizing a different level of the human being. There is no question here of composing, but of an extremely precise "translation work" from color to sound.   



This music is recommended for supporting one's own healing process and as an accompaniment to further spiritual development.



 The sounds are also used by other therapists to support their own therapy. We have to realize that we can only heal ourselves and only help others in the healing process.



 In this way this music support us to restore balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. By meditating with the music, especially with number 1 "Meditation & Healing" and with numbers 8 and 9 "Chakra Healing", we get more and more insight into the nature of reality, especially our own personal reality.



 "Conservation" of healing energy. The first concerts took place in 1985, at the very beginning of the digital age and were recorded on Sony Betamax video cassettes. During the 2nd concert in Cirencester, England, during a congress of English healers, the American made an interesting discovery: in an interview with Belgian "New Age News" (No. 22 of 01.11.1985) she said the following:


"Those energies of music connected with those of the crystals Elias worked with. I noticed that the energy was transformed by the crystals into a kind of cloud made up of billions of tiny, golden particles. These particles had their effect in the aura and chakras of those present.  However, they also attached themselves to the magnetic trace of the mother cassette. When listening to the music we absorb the energy of the music and that of the crystals. The audible crystalline sounds of the music confirm this.


Don't play the music loud, especially number one. As always, follow your intuition. By "healing" we mean "self-healing". Because no one can heal anyone else. We can only heal ourselves or help others in their healing process.



This music was created with the cooperation of the meditation and healing group of the Phoenix Center in Brussels.


The first part helps to get faster and deeper into a meditative state, but also works harmonizing in auras and chakras. The energy of this music can significantly increase the frequency of our vibration, allowing us to get into our center faster and from there become one with all that is.


The 2nd part creates by its own power the basic form of a pyramid, which we complete by visualization. The goal is to facilitate giving healing from a distance.


We begin this meditation by connecting to the heart of Mother Earth. We open in our minds the chakras in our feet like a flower opens its leaves and then visualize the center of the planet as a small point. From that point we breathe in the Light of Mother Earth through the chakras in our feet and fill ourselves with it. We then open our crown chakra in the same way and connect to the source after which we breathe in the Divine Light through the crown to fill our body completely. Observe the Light, become the Light, become one with universal consciousness.

This recording is the ideal accompaniment to the 'Field of oneness Meditation'.


When working with the 2nd melody, a pyramid is created. In this pyramid we can invite someone to take a place in it, a sick person or someone else who needs help. We then offer ourselves to the Source or to the universe as a channel for the healing energy, hold the palms of our hands in the direction of the pyramid and let the energy flow through us. We connect our heart chakra with that of the sick person and send light and love to the other person through breathing through our heart center. We can also put a picture of a sick person in front of us and visualize the pyramid around it.



Goal: Harmonisation of the emotional body

Operation: This music helps to get in touch with our repressed emotions. Start by visualizing the heart chakra. Breathe through your heart and dive into the feelings that are released, feel them as intense as possible. Also, accept that they are there, breathe in and out through the emotion. After a short while, you sense a reaction in the physical body. This can be tension or pain. Breath through the spot hurting as well, until there is nothing left from both. This blockage then will be transformed forever. If you can't let the emotions dissolve completely the first time, repeat it until everything is completely gone and you will feel deeply in peace.  Understand that with every meditation in this way a peel of the 'onion' disappears ...


Sometimes people find this music terrible, not to listen to. This shows that when these harmonious sounds tuch at a blockage, this person mostly unconsciously clings to it. From experience I know that if that person nevertheless continues to work with the music, he or she will experience it after some time as very beautiful, This is an indication that then the music, touching over and over at the blockage, has reached its goal. I know that, in such a case, it can sometimes take several months before this takes place.


While meditating with these sounds, we open ourselves to every vibration of the music. Also be aware that behind every emotion there is a thought that is not in harmony with the nature of reality, or in other words, with the truth of creation. Find this thought and let it go. Replace them by acceptance. They are often violent feelings of pain, fear, hate, jealousy or whatever, which are the result of not accepting what appears on our path. The thought behind this is that what happens shouldn't actually be like this. Or: "The other has no right to...  Therefore, take responsibility for everything that has happened to you. Remember that at every moment God sends to us what we need most at that moment. Even though we experience this as very negative and painful, it is always an invitation and opportunity to grow. Finish the meditation by listening to the first part of CD Nr. 1 "Meditation & Healing".



Purpose: To help restore inner harmony and accept life as it is. This includes the situations one finds oneself in and the outside world as it is.


 Operation: This music works particularly in the case of depression of an emotional nature. It sucks up heavy and dense energies and feelings like a sponge. This helps with confusion, fear, mental pressure or despair.


Application: Open the heart as much as possible and try to absorb every vibration of the music. End this meditation preferably with number 1 (Meditation & Healing)


It is recommended to work with this recording two or three times a week. In particularly difficult cases, once a day in connection with recordings 1, 3, 8 and 9.



This cleansing, very powerful music can be used in 2 ways.

a) To purify Aura and Chakras. Visualize violet flames and breathe them in through the feet. In our mind we let the violet light cleanse each chakra and the subtle bodies. Then also the physical body. We can call upon the help of Archangel Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst, Saint Germain and Lady Portia, whom we invite each to sit in a different corner of the room in which we find ourselves. We can ask these Light Beings to help transform anything that stands in the way of our further spiritual evolution. In doing so, of course, we must also be prepared to let go of the blockages.


We conclude this meditation by enveloping ourselves in blue light, which softens the further working of the violet light.


b) to transform negative energy in a room or in a house.


Active use: Meditate with the music. Invite again the 4 light beings, ask for their help and visualize that the violet flames digest all negativity in your home. Preferably do this room after room. But it can also be done in one go for the whole house. Repeat this from time to time to keep the house clean.

Passive use: just play the music, even during your absence.

This recording can also be played louder.




 To achieve physical relaxation. Or, for therapists working with massage, this music can serves as a support.


Operation: In the beginning the vibrations of this music work on the surface of the body. Then they penetrate deep into the muscle tissue. This recording offers excellent support during massages, because it facilitates the absorption of the healing energy of the therapist, deeply in the muscular structure.


Application: When breathing in, visualise how the sounds of the music are absorbed by the muscles, especially where there are blockages. Relax as much as possible each time you breathe out.



Purpose: Every physical injury also results in an interruption of the energetic structure of the ethereal body around the wound. This music restores this energetic structure so that healing of the physical body goes faster.


Operation: This music came into being while I was 'healing' a wound. At the same time the pianist played the 'translation' of the colours of the healing energies, which came out of my hands in the corresponding sounds.


Afterwards the recording was used to conclude the healing and was also played on a regular basis. The speed of the healing process was really noticeable. This recording is very useful to use during and after surgery.


Use: Let the music penetrate you by breathing it in. Feed the sounds mainly to the wound, visualise how they penetrate there and already see the affected area as healed.


In the case of surgery, we recommend that the recording be played throughout the operation, if possible, and for the rest of the day after the operation. On the second day, run it five times. In case of a wound: play the music four times during the first day.



This recording originated in England during the second healing concert in Cirencester.


Functioning: When meditating with this music, each chakra absorbs what it needs. When a chakra is in perfect condition, the vibrations of the sounds enter, but leave the energetic center again, without taking any action.


Open yourself as much as possible while listening to the music. Visualize the chakras as luminous spirals that open like flowers through the sounds. Breathe the vibrations of the music in and out of each chakra for a few minutes. Finish the meditation by connecting all the chakras so that the light can flow freely through them.



This recording arose during the first healing concert at the 'Alternative Medicine Exhibition' in London and is also the first in a series of nine recordings, each focusing on a different level of man.

This recording has a slightly different approach as 'Chakra Healing 1' and can therefore be used for the chakra work.



Listen here to fragments of the music


If the link doesn't work for you, please send me an e-mail and all fragments will be sent to you.



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Feedback :


Hi, Elias,

My finding of the first: healing ...

Contact with the heart, energy circulating around the head and later throat, contact with the source .....then connection lower chakra from my heart, to the stomach and deep into the earth ....wider energy circles around the heart, from my heart contact with the source and spiraling back .........then vibrating energy from the earth to the source and back, relaxation of the jaws and pelvis ................. and then the fragment was finished. The other fragments I want to listen/feel.

The first chakra healing recording ( number 8) first brings balance in the aura before going to the chakras.
The second recording ( number 9 ) flows through each chakra, starting at the coccyx chakra, up to and including the crown and back ( it feels like touching each chakra) ...then again each chakra up to the chakras above the crown and back to the chakras below the coccyx chakra.
When I listened to the second cd again immediately after, the connection was immediately with the crown and above it until I felt the connection with the source. ( with the connection in my heart). The music, the frequencies are doing their job, that's obvious.
 Kind regards, I use your CD's in my practice and it seems to me that miracles happen : people who let go of old pieces, have more energy and feel better....


The violet flame is very powerful. The whole body is cleansed. This feels like heat and cold. Heal yourself. You see your own part better.


Your music is on this every day. We love those 9 CDs. They bring a nice vibration into the house.


The c.d.'s are great. Nice recordings. I enjoy it.


Hi Elias,

Since I bought CD 1 , I often meditate on this beautiful music. I would like to order CD 2, 3, 5 and 8 now.

Kind regards,


Thank you for the nice workshop and the beautiful music (the chakra cd I'm playing now; that touches you indeed) J.


I actually wanted to be there at the time. Sound, vibration, healing fascinates me and I can totally imagine that this can be offered so beautifully tailored.   I wonder if I could combine a specific cd with the meditation? I have the feeling that if I do this a few more times you can take over the accompaniment and do it yourself.  Heartfelt greetings. - L te B -


I have now received 4 CDs, but I am also interested in the other CDs. Is it possible to order them?  - A to K


By the way, I like your music so much, I'd like to buy the other recordings as well.


I love your music. Genius! You should actually offer them over the internet. That way they could definitely serve many more people.


Dear Elias, your CDs are beautiful. Thank you for these heavenly sounds. ...I'm also signing up for the seminar in the spring. Are the dates fixed yet? See you soon. (C. Geneva)


Hereby my experiences with animals: I have found that my dog and/or my cat really appreciate it when I put on one of the 3 CD's and that they often take a siesta in the room where the music is playing.  (Yverdon, October 2008) ... I actually thank you for your meditations and the healing music has realized a light potential that allows me to forgive.  It is a particularly beautiful experience, which I can pass on while treating others. If we are not sufficiently filled with light, it is difficult to forgive. I can add that my dog appreciates it very much when I put on the Healing CD. ..." 


M.M., therapist in Paris writes :I use these cassettes very regularly in my therapeutic practice. I have the pleasure of communicating to you the following observations : TIME INDIVIDUAL WORK :- greater ease for my clients to let go of their daily worries and thus increase their vibrations. Several people developed their "psi" perceptions through regular use of the music (Meditation - Healing) - a quick and deep relaxation during the energetic massages and a great help to disentangle the physical knots. For myself, a kind of "guidance of my hands" to the points of imbalance of my patient.- a progressive stopping of the flow of thought as well as the development of a clear vision in persons who act very "mentally" with the "MENTAL LICHAAM".- an important emotional cover block when listening regularly by persons who are prey to ever changing emotional states (EMOTIONAL LICHAAM). TIME GROUPWORK : unification of energies and rapid access to our centre during group work, even for people who have never meditated. Also a very effective help to pass on the healing energies through the group to sick people. (Meditation & Healing) . Summarizing ; No "composed" music to relax has given me such a concrete help so far. By the way, I don't use any other music during my work anymore.


This series is truly extraordinary, it is music that helps me a lot in my spiritual evolution. M.V. in Geneva.


-  EFFECT on my little son : If he doesn't feel tired in the evening and doesn't feel like sleeping and if he is nervous, the simple fact of having him listen to healing music (the same one) immediately calms him down. He listens attentively and falls asleep within a few minutes. After this miraculous effect, I decided to use the music of the mental body to help him do his homework harmoniously and with good will, without crying.


-  EFFECT ON ANIMALS: My little daughter has a turtle, who even after the winter is not very active and eats very little. Worried about her turtle, she got the idea to make her listen to "Chakra Healing." It was a very peculiar spectacle to see how that turtle made an effort to get as short as possible to the place where the music came from. After this "listening" Mrs. turtle is in shape for 2 to 3 days, she is much more active and eats well. My daughter has adopted the habit of listening to the Meditation and Healing music once a week.


-  EFFECT ON PLANTS (?) I had a plant that wasn't doing well. The leaves were dead. We tried to transplant it into a larger pot, in vain. She stayed in the same bad condition. Because she had experienced the beneficial effect on the turtle, my daughter got the idea to play the music in the room where the plant was. For me she was dead and gave her no more water. I intended to throw that plant away until the day when my daughter noticed a whole series of new leaves growing. The dead leaves were really dead, but life resumed itself in this plant. Then, of course, I started to water again. Did the healing music affect that? Why didn't it?


- WELCOME EFFECT ON MESELF I use "Healing with Sounds" every day, now for 2 months. I don't know to what extent they have influenced my evolution, but I can summarize this evolution as follows : since about l month I feel morally much better, much better. I am in a different, more positive state of mind. The following sentence sums up well the change that has taken place in my life: "I have the impression of being in the (universal) Love and connected to the energy of the heart. When I speak of Love, it is of course love for everything and that happens through Love for myself, at least Love for that being who lives in my deepest inner being and that is beginning to manifest itself, still shy, but one of my dearest wishes is to let it be born in all glory, to go to the others, to bring their Love and Light. I feel more connected with the others and with their problems, and I have discovered that the fact of committing myself, to give a little encouragement to bring happiness to others, also makes me happy in my turn. I was mentally aware of this of course, but had not yet applied it in my life. Until now, I had always thought that I would first take care of myself, and then, when I had found my balance, I would go to the others. Lately I have come to the insight, that the fact to go to the others helped me to find my own balance. I have made warmer contact with people with whom I have maintained relationships, who have been superficial and indifferent until now, and those same people now seem to be more interested in me as I am now. In summary, a nice start and much positive in perspective. Thank you for what you have brought me into this evolution. My friendship and see you soon. - Mrs. Ch. G. at Mont sur Marchienne.


My wife and I write to you because of the discoveries we've made about the music. I do say "discoveries", because we were really surprised to see the effect that something can have, which for us was nothing but relaxation music in the beginning. First of all "Meditation & Healing", which offers a lot of help when meditating and then, when I first played the "Violet Flame", I really felt a gentle wave, which slowly went up from my feet and ended up surrounding my whole body. We have really been very surprised by these results, which were simply created by a few musical notes. Recently we had a visit from 2 friends, both of whom were very depressed. While we were talking we played the cassette for depression as background music and slowly we saw our friends relaxing, as if by magic. Afterwards we asked them if the music didn't bother them. The answer was : No, on the contrary. That does us good. The most remarkable experience with the music is this : For a while we had a "spirit" in our house, who was welcome, but who refused to continue on his way to the Light. When we were able to establish close contact through another person, we learned that the reason he wanted to stay with us was the peace he experienced and the music that did him much good. Then, on another day, I accidentally cut off the top of my left thumb, a piece of about lcm, which was only held by a small piece of skin, and of course it bled heavily. I used the music "Physical Injuries" and WAS MUN FINGER FINGER AND WITHOUT THE MINEST INFECTION within 3 DAYS. In addition, in the morning on the second day, "held" the top of my finger and did not bleed. I didn't put any more band-aids. I find that in those circumstances, the result is truly incredible. We wanted to share with you our greatest discoveries. We are sure that through such effectiveness, the series will in the future become the place of an extremely useful tool for help to and research into the well-being of everyone. G.H. at Montignies sur Sambre.  

As for your CD (Chakra Healing): Yes! It's very nice - soothing. It makes me very calm, and I feel the tingling in my hands as well as in my lower legs (somewhere just above my feet). I now turn it (usually) twice a day, in the morning when I get up, and also in the evening. Without meditating. At the moment I usually do this in silence...or sometimes with one of your (other) CD's (mostly Meditation and Healing. This afternoon I played the Violette Flame. I.P. in Arnhem.


Some telephone reactions :

Effective in case of burns, J. VDB in Essen.


The best "Violette Flame" I have encountered so far. Diana Gazes, U.S.A., (Meditation teacher, channel for higher energies, a.o. known for bending spoons in TV broadcasts) http://www.thelighteam.com/